First cycle of studies

The first cycle study programs are academic studies with 240 ECTS and provide employment in the private and public sector without restrictions on the possibilities for advancement in the profession, as well as the opportunity to continue the education for master’s and doctoral studies. According to the Frascati classification of scientific research areas, FTU – Ohrid offers study programs in the field of Tourism and Hospitality and the field of Organizational Sciences (Management).

All study programs are accredited by the Agency for Accreditation and Evaluation of Higher Education with accreditation solutions. The study programs are prepared based on the analysis of related study programs from top universities in the world.

For the teaching of the study programs from the first cycle of studies, the faculty has a significant teaching staff of 34 doctors of science. For the needs of teaching, the faculty engages an additional number of teachers in appropriate fields, as well as experts from the economy in the field of practical and clinical teaching.




Customs and freight forwarding



Hotel restaurant management

Management in the service sector