Hotel restaurant management

In 2006 at the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality is introduced the Hotel – restaurant direction with a study program for academic studies. In 2009, this direction was modernized, and the changes and additions arise from the aspiration for its modernization and adaptation to the new conditions in the environment. Also, these processes are necessary given the tendencies that are present in the teaching-scientific process in the world. The modernization of the study program for the studies in hotel and restaurant is determined primarily by the world tendencies in the development of tourism and catering, as well as the development of the educational activity. The study program Hotel-restaurant management in the first cycle is an opportunity to improve the hotel and restaurant activity in the Republic of Macedonia through the use of profiled professionals who will be able to cope with the challenges of modern hotel-restaurant processes.

The study program is in function of using modern methods in work activities, ability to learn about new scientific results and their implementation as application solutions. The competitiveness of the hotel-restaurant market requires knowing the basics of the hotel-restaurant problem, the characteristics of the spatial categories in the hotel and restaurant, the social and sociological values ​​of the hotel-restaurant activity, the characteristics of the participants in these processes, economic conditionality and economic results. regulation and control of complex activities. This actually means that the educational process enables proper management of resources, both within the spatial units and administrative frameworks, as well as with the economic entities operating in the field of hospitality and restaurant.

The changes in the direction of development of the educational system in the Republic of Macedonia in order to improve the quality of the teaching-educational and scientific process imposed the need Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality – Ohrid, in 2016 following the tendencies and processes for profiling of quality trained staff, to transform the study program from three-year to four-year studies. This meant harmonizing the results of the self-evaluation with the requirements contained in the standards for conducting the teaching process and scientific research. In that sense, the transformation from three-year to four-year studies enabled the refinement of the professional profile for creating staff that will be able to cope with the modern requirements in the tourism profession. With the new study program in Hotel – Restaurant Management, the emphasis in the education of students is placed on professional disciplines, which provide recognition of the profession, greater practical activity of students and easier involvement in professional activities after the educational process. The study program Hotel-Restaurant Management enables students to supplement their knowledge in other university environments in the country and abroad, made possible through the application of the European credit transfer system for student mobility through a selection of courses. Therefore, in the preparation of this study program, knowledge and experience from several European study programs were used. The structure of the study program Hotel-Restaurant Management enables students to individually create and shape their academic education.


Elaborate 2016