Why FTU?

About FTU Ohrid

Half a century tradition in higher education
Part of UKLO – the second oldest state university in Macedonia
34 professors, doctors of science from the respective fields of study
Excellent study conditions (modernly equipped lecture halls, amphitheater, kitchen and buffet, library, computer classroom, textbooks and teaching aids)


Study programs

Attractive and modern study programs in the service sector (According to the WB, services cost more than 65% of world GDP. In Macedonia, more than half of GDP falls on services. More than 51% of employment in the world is in services. In Macedonia more than 54%)
Study programs in the field of Tourism

  • Tourism
  • Hotel – restaurant management
  • Gastronomy
  • Study programs in the field of Management (organizational sciences)
  • Customs and Forwarding
  • Insurance
  • Management in the service sector:
    • Financial operations
    • Promotional management
    • Logistics management
    • Management in culture

Accredited and internationally recognized study programs (each study program is accredited by the Accreditation Board of RSM and has received Resolutions for work from the Ministry of Education and Science
Academic studies with 240 ECTS
Opportunity for employment in the private and public sector without restrictions on opportunities for advancement in the profession
Opportunity to continue the education for master’s and doctoral studies
Compulsory student internship in each academic year
Clinical teaching (professionals from relevant professions give lectures and share practical experiences in the relevant field of study)
Minimum participation in the state and private study quota (the state covers most of the study costs)
Obtaining titles that will be related to the new national qualifications framework



Use of state scholarships and state credits (these scholarships and credits cover all study costs and leave students the opportunity to have additional funds to use for other needs during their studies)
Using municipal scholarships
Using scholarships from the business community (FTU in cooperation with part of the business community provides scholarships for students of certain study programs from the faculty)
Use of European scholarships (ERASMUS and CEEPUS) for study stays in foreign faculties with which FTU has signed a cooperation agreement
University scholarships (top 10 ranked students in enrollment are exempt from paying tuition for the first semester of studies)


Opportunities during study

FTU directly invests in the education of each student through:

  • Paid student internship
  • Covered costs for participation in international schools and research camps
  • Covered costs for participation in the International Summer Balkan University organized every year by FTU Ohrid and the European Institute CIFE from Nice, France (with 4.5 ECTS)
  • Covered costs for study stay at foreign faculties and universities with which FTU has signed cooperation agreements (free study in France, Italy, Germany, Croatia, Bulgaria,
  • Hungary, Serbia and other European countries)
  • Participation in faculty and university projects and trainings that enable professional development and opportunity for earning


Opportunities after graduation

Employment in private companies in the field of tourism (hotels, restaurants, travel agencies), shipping companies, insurance companies, banks and other financial institutions, manufacturing companies engaged in foreign trade, transport logistics companies and other business organizations
Employment in public and state-owned enterprises (Customs Administration, Ministries and government institutions and agencies, other public and other state-owned enterprises)
Opening your own business and the opportunity to use certain resources of the faculty (consultations and services) as alumni of FTU
Opportunity to continue master’s and doctoral studies (FTU has accredited study programs in all cycles of education and offers the opportunity to obtain scientific titles Master and Doctor of Science in the relevant fields)
Opportunity to engage in science and employment at faculties and universities in relevant fields
Obtaining certificates for lifelong learning courses (Certificate of Head of Travel Agency, Certificate of Tourist Guide, Certificate of Tourist Companion, Logistics Officer)