Tourism – 1 year of studies

The existence of the second cycle of one-year university studies in tourism, opens opportunities for acquiring narrower professional knowledge in the field of tourism as an upgrade of the acquired knowledge from the first cycle of studies with 240 credits won. This program increases the possibility for further improvement of the tourism activity in Macedonia by profiling professionals who will be trained to deal with more complex challenges of modern tourism processes. This is supported by the fact that today in the international tourism turnover are included over 1 billion tourists, and in the domestic tourist turnover the number of tourists exceeds the figure of 5 billion. Through the process of scientific research and the ability to apply expanded and in-depth knowledge, the profiled staff will be able to properly approach the planning and implementation of work processes and tasks in the field of tourism.

According to the international Frascati classification of scientific research areas, fields and areas, the one-year study program Tourism (II cycle of studies) belongs to the field of social sciences – 5, field tourism and hospitality – 5.14. To successfully complete the study program, students must obtain at least 60 ECTS credits. The curriculum envisages 3 compulsory courses, 2 elective courses, a seminar on the methodology of scientific research work and preparation and public defense of a master’s thesis, which gives students a scientific title – master in the field of tourism.

With the one-year study program in Tourism for the second cycle of studies, the emphasis in the education of students is placed on specific professional disciplines, which will enable students to individually create and shape their academic education in order to continue their education in the third cycle of studies in the country and abroad.


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