Third cycle of studies

Exactly the challenge to be in step with the modern tendencies and conditions led the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality towards the realization of the set goals. Even before the adoption of normative determinations, competencies were approached that the third cycle of these studies brought to the fore. Today, the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality is part of the avant-garde actors in higher education in R. Macedonia who managed to adorn themselves with the piety of the bearers of the reformed doctoral systems. Thus “Tradition continues …”, as in the past was the direction to be among the first in Europe with original studies in the field of tourism and hospitality.

The accreditation process implies strict criteria. Instead of retiring, the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality entered the fray. Only in this way did he manage to establish himself as an institution that sees in his doctoral studies inspiration for future work and unreserved commitment to scientific and educational trends in the world. The Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality can proudly announce that it has 11 accredited third cycle mentors. The publication of their papers in world, prestigious journals, realization of international projects and active attitude in the performance of their profession contributed to this institution to have a prestigious place in the educational process of the third cycle. In this way, the Bologna Process was adopted as a European solution. The institution is establishing itself among the leaders in higher education. The doctoral degree is a recognizable image outside the borders of our country.

The programs of the third cycle of studies at FTU – Ohrid offer additional 60 out of a total of 360 credits as needed to obtain the title of Doctor of Science in the relevant field.


Study programs